The Medcare Low Profile Lift offers all of the same functionality and features as the Care Lift line of floor lifts with one exception. The “Low Pro” has an inverted caster design which allows it to clear the frame of any manufactured bed or cart while providing smooth travel. This patient lift is ideal for applications where bed rails and frames have a very low ground clearance.


As with all Medcare Lifts, the Low Pro is a safe and easy transfer system that will reduce your staff’s and patient’s potential for suffering unnecessary transfer-related injuries.

  • Arched boom for added head clearance
  • Hanger bar design allows sling to conform to patient for added comfort
  • Remote hand-control to allow operate to maintain contact with patient
  • Dual battery design allows lift to be in constant use

Low Pro Lifts Brochure


The expandable base of Medcare’s floor lifts permits for lifting around various obstacles such as wheelchairs, beds, tubs, and toilets, creating a safe and user- friendly transfer system.

  • Patented caster design allows for fit under the lowest beds while still minimizing the push/pull force required
  • Easily transfers patients to and from chairs, wheelchairs, and toilets
  • Floor and bed transfers can be accomplished with ease
  • Designed to work with a variety of Medcare slings to “customize” the transfer
  • Low profile design allows for access under beds and carts with only 2.25” of ground clearance
  • Dual battery design allows stand to be in constant use
  • 360° rotation for easy patient positioning
  • Arched boom for added head clearance
  • Hand control allows caregiver to be positioned next to patient during transfer
  • 4-point, non-rigid hanger bar design allows sling to conform to patient for added comfort