The M200 Fall Monitoring System is STANLEY Healthcare’s newest and most advanced fall monitoring solution. With a sleek, durable design, the monitor can quickly and easily be con gured to support your unique fall management program and to address the individual needs of each patient or resident.


Take Fall Management to another level in terms of quality, safety and efficiency. Key benefits include:

  • Highly configurable to enhance existing Fall Management programs;
  • Multiple alarm options support individualized care plans;
  • Improves safety while saving time for caregivers;
  • Allows healthcare professionals to be more proactive in reducing falls.

M200 Brochure


The M200 is designed to adapt to facilities’ Fall Management protocols and the different needs of each individual.

  • Two pads, one monitor: Connect two pads to a single monitor at the same time, to keep the individual safely monitored as they move from bed to chair or wheelchair.
  • Configurable delay setting: Healthcare personnel care for patients and residents with individual needs and varying levels of activity. Configurable delay setting (0, 1 or 2 seconds) enables the M200 to be quickly adapted to these different needs.
  • Silent alarming: The M200 can be integrated to a nurse call system for alarm reporting, eliminating the need for disruptive sound alarms.
  • Voice message: Record a short message that plays when the individual attempts to stand, urging them to sit down and wait for help.

For caregivers, the M200 is easy and intuitive to install, program and use.

  • Intuitive interface: The front of the unit includes a prominent reset button and simple graphical status indicators of the alarm status, delay setting and battery status.
  • Voice confirmation: The unit confirms configuration during setup by playing a short message so that caregivers know that settings are correct.
  • Flexible mounting: The M200 is easy to mount on a wall, headboard, side chair, wheelchair or in a restroom, and can be quickly moved as needed.
  • Audible and visual alarm indication: The M200 offers a range of audible alarm volumes, and colored LEDs showing whether the monitor is in alarm, in suspend/hold, or monitoring.
  • Hold and Suspend modes: When there’s a need to move a patient or resident from one pad to another, the M200 offers both a 30-second “Hold” mode and a 2-minute “Suspend” mode to avoid triggering a false alarm.

The M200 is designed based on consultations with a wide range of healthcare providers on their needs for a versatile Fall Management solution capable of aligning with Fall Management protocols.

  • Nurse call integration: Direct alerts to the nurse call system for central monitoring and response. Local alerts can be disabled or left active.
  • Multiple power sources: The M200 can operate on electric or lithium battery power.
  • Automatic or manual reset: Choose between auto-reset (where the local alert automatically stops once the patient or resident is back on the pad) or manual reset (where a staff member must check the patient/resident and reset the monitor).
  • Tamper resistance: Choose between a tamper-resistant or easy-access cover over the monitor’s settings panel and battery compartment.
  • Wide range of pads: The M200 supports pads for bed, chair/wheelchair, toilet/commode and floor, as well as seatbelts.
  • Multiple regulatory & compliance certification: The M200 is UL 1069 compliant; meets requirements of RoHS Directive – 2011/65/EU; and conforms with EU/EC Declaration of Conformity, FCC – 47 CFR Part 15, Class B Device and Industry Canada.