The Bed-Check Cordless Monitor is a key part of the Bed-Check Cordless Monitor system and is ideal for healthcare facilities, especially psychiatric units and rehabilitation centers, who want to maximize safety, eliminate tripping hazards and reduce nuisance alarms.


Take Fall Management to another level in terms of quality, safety and efficiency. Key benefits include:

  • Requires minimum staff training
  • Enables a reassuring environment for patients and families
  • Supports a quieter patient environment
  • Reduces tripping hazards
  • Expands fall management capa- bilities into psychiatric and rehabilitative facilities

Data Sheet

Product Details

The Bed-Check Cordless Monitor System includes an easy to use monitor, cordless sensor pads, and a wireless transmitter which enables medical personnel to mount the monitor in a variety of locations to maximize safety, eliminate tripping hazards, and reduce the “nuisance alarms” that are so prevalent in many healthcare settings today.

The Bed-Check Cordless Monitor System uses a cordless sensor pad placed on the chair or bed, which activates when the patient or resident lays or sits on the pad. Patient movement triggers the alarm in the monitor to notify facility staff in the event of premature departure from a bed or chair. The alarm can then be easily reset after an investigation occurs.

  • Cordless Monitor – Reduces the risk of tripping and meets requirements for psychiatric units and rehabilitation centers
  • Flexible Set-Up – Option to place monitors outside of patient rooms for a quieter in-room environment
  • Multiple Applications – Sensor pads available for both bed and chair, with a variety of warranty periods available
  • Silent Alarm – Helps reduce “alarm fatigue” by muting audible alarms at the bedside and integrating into the Nurse Call system
  • Sleep Mode – Helps extend battery life while the system is not in use