The Chair-Check II control unit is used in conjunction with a Bed-Check® Sensormat® pad as a system to effectively monitor patients at risk of falling or residents in a bed, chair, wheelchair, or on a toilet. Chair-Check II provides an audible alarm to alert the caregiver when the person attempts to get up unassisted.


Take Fall Management to another level in terms of quality, safety and efficiency. Key benefits include:

  • Monitor patient or resident in chair, toilet, wheelchair, or bed, using any Bed- Check® Sensormat® pad
  • Control unit uses a 9V alkaline battery for a long usage life
  • Secured battery containment discourages tampering
  • Non-latching alarm allows monitoring to restart automatically when individual’s weight is back on the Sensormat pad, and does not require caregiver intervention
  • Con gure Chair-Check II settings to the individual’s needs with 3 selectable alarm tones, 2 volume settings, and a 0–5 second delay
  • Assembled in the USA; Two-year limited warranty

Data Sheet

Product Details

The Chair-Check II is the most versatile control unit in Bed-Check’s product line.

  • Monitoring begins automatically when the patient’s weight is placed on the Sensormat pad
  • Caregiver can put the system on Hold while repositioning the patient
  • Controls for hold, tone, and delay may be easily changed by the caregiver
  • Multiple tones allow the unit to be distinguished from other alarms or other Chair-Check II monitors
  • Low battery and charge alert. Secured battery access
  • 9V battery or AC operation allows for use in portable or bed applications
  • Chair Check II features configurable delay settings
    • –  Delay is 0 seconds for most seated applications, since the patient is postured for quick stand up.
    • –  Delay is 1, 3, or 5 seconds may be set for other circumstances, such as bed monitoring
  • Utilizes pressure-sensitive Sensormat pads available for chair, bed or toilet monitoring. Not intended for usewith other manufacturers’ pads
  • Non-latching alarm action. The alarm ceases and monitoring automatically resumes when weight is again sensed, reducing caregiver intervention compared to string-activated alarms
  • Conforms to UL® 1069 and CSA C22.2 No. 205R Standards

Holsters: Wire basket holster for easier mounting on chairs and headboards, with a 1” or 2” depth hanger.