From the Classic-Check® to the Model Vr, Bed-Check® monitors are a key part of STANLEY Healthcare’s Fall Management solutions. Bed-Check is deployed in thousands of healthcare facilities for their fall monitoring needs.


Take Fall Management to another level in terms of quality, safety and efficiency. Key benefits include:

  • Rapid, reliable detection – the pressure-sensitive Sensormat® pad provides early indication of movement.
  • Adjustable sensitivity – Bed-Check control units for beds allow you to set an alarm delay to fine-tune operation to each individual patient
  • Intuitive and easy to use – once powered, the control unit is ready to monitor as soon as the idnvidual is placed on the Sensormat pad – no On/Off button
  • Easy alarm identification – the Model Vr, Classic-Check® and Chair-Check® II models offer a selection of alarm tones that haep you staff quickly identify that a fall alarm is sounding

Bed-Check Brochure


The Model Vr control unit is intended for use with a STANLEY Healthcare Sensormat® pad as a system to effectively monitor individuals at risk of falling from a bed or chair. In assessment mode, the unit records the last 24 events for analysis of the individual’s movement patterns to ne-tune a personalized care plan.

Product Overview

  • Seven alarm tones to easily distinguish fall alarms from other facility alarms
  • Ten volume settings to ensure effectiveness in your envi¬ronment
  • Temporary hold function enables staff to reposition individ- ual without the alarm sounding
  • Retrievable data includes patient/resident ID, dates/times of last 24 events, staff response times, and history of the control unit itself
  • Nurse call system compatibility
  • No on-off switch: monitors automatically with weight on Sensor¬mat pad, to help you meet Joint Commission require- ments
  • Settings retained during power interruption
  • Assembled in the USA; Two-year limited warranty

Since 1978, STANLEY Healthcare’s Bed-Check has been designing and manufacturing fall and restraint reduction monitoring systems. Our Bed-Check monitors continue to offer what caregivers want most: Reliability. Simplicity. Versatility.

Product Overview

  • Day/Night Mode features 1-touch control with 7 volume settings
  • Ten programmable alarm tone settings
  • Nurse call system compatibility
  • The Classic-Check Model 72021 has a nurse call accessory port, which may eliminate the need for a Y-adapter
  • Variable delay settings: 1, 2, or 3 seconds
  • No on-off switch: monitors automatically with weight on the Sen- sormat pad, and meets Joint Commission requirements
  • Hold Mode: enables transfer of patient or resident by staff without alarm sounding
  • Monitoring automatically restarts within 25 seconds when patient is on Sensormat pad even if the system has been placed in Hold mode
  • Choice of mounting options
  • Sensormat pads available for both bed and chair
  • Integrated 10-foot power cord and nurse call cord
  • Assembled in the USA; Two-year limited warranty

The Chair-Check II control unit is used in conjunction with a Bed-Check® Sensormat® pad as a system to effectively monitor patients at risk of falling or residents in a bed, chair, wheelchair, or on a toilet. Chair-Check II provides an audible alarm to alert the caregiver when the person attempts to get up unassisted.

Product Description

  • Monitor patient or resident in chair, toilet, wheelchair, or bed, using any Bed- Check® Sensormat® pad
  • Control unit uses a 9V alkaline battery for a long usage life
  • Secured battery containment discourages tampering
  • Non-latching alarm allows monitoring to restart automatically when indi¬vidual’s weight is back on the Sensormat pad, and does not require caregiver intervention
  • Con gure Chair-Check II settings to the individual’s needs with 3 selectable alarm tones, 2 volume settings, and a 0–5 second delay
  • Assembled in the USA; Two-year limited warranty